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The Great Vladimir Guerrero

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The Texas Rangers averaged over 7 runs per game in June, led by Vladimir Guerrero who is destroying baseballs the way he has for the past 14 years, and still not getting the recognition he deserves. The exciting and colorful bad ball hitter is a sure-fire Hall of Famer and one of the all-time greats, yet he is often placed in the same category as good-but-not-great players like David Wright, Grady Sizemore, and Jason Bay.

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Schuyler Dunlap on July 03, 2010 04:15

So, I generally agree, though I wonder if the fact that he *is* a dh lowers his value enough to drop him from the top ten. If defense is worth half as much as offense (as per Dewan) than some players can add a lot to their value in that realm.

And that was a cop-out telling your phone number in the conventional way too...

Schuyler Dunlap on July 03, 2010 04:31

Or maybe something like:

magic petrovic jordan parish english bird

I suppose Petrovic is a little out of place. I can't seem to do this with baseball players because of that darned double zero.

Alex Reisner on July 05, 2010 16:25

But Guerrero has been a legitimate outfielder for most of his career. He's a DH now but I don't think he should be penalized too much for that if we're talking about value of an entire career. So far he's played around 300 games at DH and over 1600 in right field. Of course it does raise the question of how playing DH could prolong his would Mantle have been able to play longer if he could have moved to DH?

And if I recall correctly, Jeffrey Leonard wore 00 at the end of his career.

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