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Correct vs. Fair

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Carlos Beltran returns to centerfield for the New York Mets tonight while Jose Reyes sits out. The Mets injury management over the past two seasons has been abysmal.

Also: the “get it right” argument in support of instant replay is based on a misunderstanding about the role of umpires and how the rules are enforced. Is instant replay more for the fans than for the game?

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Spenser on July 21, 2010 19:45

One big knock against instant replay is that it would make the game go on forever.

The MAX it could add on is twenty minutes per game...heck in football it's about 5 minutes per game.

Why not give each manager two "challenges" per game. I really don't think that it would be that big a deal.

If Bud Selig wanted to get rid of the neighborhood rule, he could. So if they went to full instant replay, dont you think he could tell the umpires, managers, and coaches to still use the rule?

You could also have an "umpire refusal" clause...not only would that be useful, but innovative.

Just my two cents on instant replay

looking forward to the next show

Alex Reisner on August 05, 2010 15:40

Jim Bouton says:

"I never believed a game was lost because of a bad call by an umpire. Games were lost because the loser didn’t build a sufficient margin to overcome the inevitable missed calls, part of any game. (Note: Players make far more mistakes than umpires).

"In fact, I’ve enjoyed the occasional classic missed call that has had an impact on Playoff and World Series games. The teams (but not the fans) get over it, no real harm is done and the participants have many years of good banquet material."


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