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Umpire Jim Joyce missed a call last night that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game…or did he? How should we think about Galarraga’s performance? How many times have similar events occurred in baseball history? Thoughts on the nature of baseball records, instant replay, reversing the call, and what to do if you’re mad about it.

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Schuyler Dunlap on June 04, 2010 01:35

Maddux once said that a perfect game would be 27 pitches, 27 outs. Others think that a pitcher would have to strike out 27 hitters in a row, on three pitches per player. Obviously, there is a definition: 27 outs, no baserunners of any kind. And the win. WAIT. What?! The WIN? That's one of the most flawed statistics out there. You mean my pitching, which is already reliant on whether or not I have Jack Wilson at short, or Yuniesky Betancourt, and Franky Guttieriez or Jose Guillen in the outfield, with all of their flaws, now also has to rely on these guys to not only HIT, but SCORE RUNS? Madness. I, Dallas Armando Halladay, am an unheralded/up and down/world class pitcher and my greatness should be defined by how well I pitch, no?

I jest, of course. My take away has been driven a lot by Poz: Galarraga smiling when the "perfection" has been disrupted, Halladay smiling when it hasn't. I think a lot of Braden and his autonomous country of Bradenia, staking claim to it in a much bolder way than by calling out that sissy/HOFer A-Rod.

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