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Don't Throw Away Next Year

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The Mets are not going to make the playoffs this year, but Omar Minaya will probably trade young talent for mercenary veterans anyway, destroying next year’s team in the process. Mets fans watch this happen year after year, while the team continues to neglect their long-standing starting pitching problem (and last-ditch mid-season moves cannot solve a problem this deep).

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Schuyler Dunlap on June 21, 2010 23:48

This is one reason that I'm so pleased with Theo Epstein. He'll make moves and sign veterans, but not at the expense of the future. He *seems* to properly evaluate his own prospects and not give them up for [ahem] Jacobs and Matthews... Guys like Lester and Buccholz and Pedroia and Youkilis are still with the team, while Masterson and Hansen are failing for other teams. This off-season he signed Beltre and Scutaro and Cameron, all to short-term deals that allowed for contention without sacrificing the future, while guys like Bay (sorry!) were allowed to sign for big money elsewhere. Not that there haven't been mistakes, just that they at least fit with the plan...

I'm crossing my fingers for you guys.

Alex Reisner on June 22, 2010 01:49

Epstein does seem to be doing a really great job over the past several years. Part of the reason the Mets seem so hopeless to me is that without a plan you don't know what to do differently. If you fail but you have a plan, you have a context in which to discover and evaluate your mistakes. With no plan you just keep guessing. Maybe Minaya has a plan, but it seems like he's always just guessing. Hence there's little hope for improvement any time soon.

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