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Spring is the time for guessing which players will have that long-awaited breakout season, which teams will surprise everyone and win a pennant, which ones will completely fall apart, and anything else that might happen in a baseball season. But calling them “predictions” doesn’t make them any better than “guesses,” even when the experts are talking.

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Mikrofone on April 07, 2011 23:52

Now the season has officially begun. Welcome back.

jeff excell on April 15, 2011 00:28

As a Giants fan I am not going to roast you for saying that SF will not look like the champs that they were. They MIGHT, but they definitely might not. BUT I do not think that the dodgers have any chance at all to keep up with the Rockies. The Rockies and the Giants will fight for 1st, the Dodgers and whoever loses first will fight for second. and the Padres and that other team are going to be scraping the bottom.
Anyway, I like the Daric Barton pick for batting title. It prompted me to drop Peralta and pick him up for my fantasy team since my AVE is in the tank.
Other than those things you had some pretty good points. I have enjoyed listening to all your podcasts. I think they are pretty good stuff. I did the one about Rick Ankiel. Anyway. I serve coffee to Nora at Ground Support and have been meaning to comment on the podcast for a while now.
While I am not as statistically driven as you seem to be I do enjoy random analysis and conversations about baseball. In fact I'm pretty obsessed. anyway. can't wait to hear the next one.

Ty on April 18, 2011 16:40

Alex, really enjoyed this piece. And I think your predictions are good. At least so far some of them seem to be playing out. The Mets may need another season to get it together but it's too early to be sure and I do agree with your comments about them.

Also, it's crazy to count the Red Sox out of course at this early stage, but who could've predicted their awful start?

I really thought you were gonna mention my team, my beloved Yankees, as one with the worst off seasons! I was relieved you did not. It seems they scored some coups (again, acknowledging how early it is) in Russ Martin and Eric Chavez, and Freddie Garcia, Bartolo Colon and the rookie Pendleton would not have shown up on anybody's radar screen as bright spots in the early part of the season.

This is part of why I love baseball. After I got over the fact that my Yankees were eliminated last season, I began to really enjoy the unlikely heroics of the Giants! I'm secretly glad my Yankees don't win the whole thing every year or anywhere even close to it (despite the perception). It makes the times when they do all the sweeter.

Thanks for the great work! --Ty

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